The town of Akureyri, with its population of approximately 18,000 Inhabitants, is the administrative, transportation and commercial center of North Iceland. The mountains surrounding the fjord, which Akureyri is in the bottom of, is called Eyjafjordur.

It is the longest fjord in Iceland, or 60 km, the fjord that all ships have to go through, on the way to Akureyri. Akureyri has provided rural communities in these high latitudes with sundry services as well as educational and industrial facilities.

Akureyri has its own theater, symphony orchestra, University and one of the biggest hospitals in the country that serves as well East part of Greenland.



Akureyri and surroundings is currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. No wonder, since there are so many things to do and see. Would you like to go on horseback across deserted valleys and fish in crystal clear lakes and rivers, swim in pools heated with geothermal water from the bowels of the earth, go on adventure tour across rugged mountain and barren wilderness, go to near by island of Grimsey and pass the arctic circle, play golf in the midnight sun, go whale watching, see the northern most botanical garden in the world, go on a super jeep safari or just relax in one of Akureyri hot pots?

akureyri_2_2.jpgAre you interested in the geothermal area of lake Mývatn, the waterfall of Godafoss or the most powerful waterfall in Iceland, Dettifoss. Maybe you would like to see the peaceful island of Hrisey, where the time stands still?

If you like winter adventures Eyjafjordur is an ideal place to visit. Akureyri and its surroundings offer easy access to sports and outdoor activities. The town of Akureyri was designated the Winter Sports Center of Iceland a few years ago and skiing tournaments are held there annually on the slopes above Akureyri. Other winter sports are skating, snowmobile tours, super jeep safaris and ice fishing.



Tourist services and entertainment are within easy reach in Akureyri. Lovers of fine art will feel at home in Listagil, “Street of the Arts”. In effect it is a center of arts, crafts and design. Next to the College of Art and the Art Gallery are smaller galleries, open workshops and studios used by architects, craftsmen, designers and artists. Akureyri offers variety of museums.

The traveler can choose from different kind of accommodation, hotels, youth hostels, guesthouses, cottages or farmhouse, which are getting more and more popular.  In Akureyri one finds cinemas as well as several quality restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés offering a variety of meals, drink, music and entertainment. Akureyri has an excellent Tourist information center in the center of the town. Where you will get all the help you need while staying in Akureyri.

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