Grímsey is a small island, 41 km north of Iceland, and therefore the northernmost inhabited Icelandic territory. The length of the island is 5.5 km x 2 km. About 60 people live on the island.


Grímsey can be reached, either by flight from Akureyri, which takes about 20 minutes, or by a ferry that takes off from Dalvík, a journey of about three hours.


The island holds a small store, café, restaurant, and guesthouse.  The puffins are undoubtable the main attraction in Grímsey though, but this magnificent bird nest on the island’s cliffs in April and goes back to sea in August.


The Harbor

The pier: 200m.

Maximum depth: 7m on a 100m part.

Dýpi í innsiglingu: 5m.

Outer harbour: 100m, red flashing light at the end of the harbor.

Marina: Two piers, 40m and 60m, one floating 17m.