Hrisey, located in the middle of Eyjafjordur, is the second largest island around Iceland. The length of the island is 7.5 km x 2.5 km.

Hrísey can be reached by the ferry Sævar which sails troughout the day between Hrisey and Árskógssandur, a journey of about 15 minutes. The island, which often is referred to as “The Pearl of Eyjafordur”, is known for its birdlife, beauty, and tranquility.

In Hrísey you can find various services, such as restaurant, guest house, museum, swimming pool, shop, café and camping site. With a population of 160, the locals are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

The Harbour

The pier: 272m.

Maximum depth: 4m on a 58m part.